ABV: 5% Calories: 120. BASIC Tom Collins. 1. 4oz. Hard Seltzer . This Oregon brewery makes some awesome IPAs, and it turns out they’re not half-bad at making hard seltzer, too. We taste-tested all the top flavors on the market so you don't have to. Sure to the purists White Claw will always be the best but I highly suggest going with Truly’s for the best all … Organic fruit juices, 100% agave spirits and sparkling water are combined to make this artfully designed (in ingredients and packaging!) Need a drink? White Claw Hard Seltzer How to Make a Spiked Seltzer Paloma Cocktail A Paloma is a simple cocktail made with grapefruit juice, lime juice and tequila. And while experts say hard seltzer’s appeals to wellness are dubious at best, they’re still a lighter alternative to many cocktails and beers. Courtesy of Arctic Chill drizly.com BUY IT HERE. We've received your submission. drizly.com BUY IT HERE. They’re 100 calories, less than a gram of added sugar and a reliable crowd-pleaser. Hard seltzer products outside of the US have been found to use either neutral spirit, or fermentation of fruit. New Jersey gov. Then again, you need to feel comfortable with a little bit of foolishness to get on the hard seltzer journalism beat in the first place. With alcohol from fermented cane sugar, this 120-calorie drink comes in Lemon Black, Mango Green and Raspberry Lime Hibiscus tea flavors, and each can bubbles with just five grams of sugar. Crafted with quality ingredients, White Claw ® Hard Seltzer 70 is made from a blend of seltzer water, our gluten-free alcohol base, and a hint of fruit flavor. #cardinalspirits #distillery #foundmyspirit #cannedcocktails #mauimule #vodkasoda #lakemichigan #yesmichigan, A post shared by Cardinal Spirits (@cardinalspirits) on Sep 1, 2020 at 5:19pm PDT. ), Craveability (how much did I find myself wanting another days later? September 4, 2020 | 2:45pm | Updated September 4, 2020 | 8:07pm. Beaches Cocktail Variety Pack includes four cocktail inspired hard seltzer flavors made with real fruit juice: Margarita, Mojito, Paloma, and Pina Colada. It’s been over 250 years since the English chemist Joseph Priestley invented seltzer after discovering a method he referred to as “impregnating water with air” (sounds kinda kinky, but go off, Joseph). Hard Seltzer Cocktails Infuse Your Local Bar Menu. 170,800, This story has been shared 168,603 times. Other fruity flavors include Ruby Red Grapefruit, Mandarin Orange and Strawberry Watermelon. HARD SELTZER COCKTAIL. Carbs: 3.3g. 2 Bud Light Seltzer Strawberry. This story has been shared 168,603 times. Sitemap But this hits all the right notes, with a slightly higher alcohol percentage than most mainstream offerings.Crushability: 2.5Craveability: 3.5Creativity: 4Overall: 10Calories: 150Sugar: 2gABV: 7%, Light, unassuming, and the elderflower notes make you feel classy AF.Crushability: 3Craveability: 3Creativity: 4Overall: 10Calories: 90Sugar: 0gABV: 4.5%, Truly has a tendency to turn up the sweetness factor with some of its other flavors, but their vibrant and juicy take on pineapple is just right. Over the last few years, consumers have taken an interest in finding less sugar and calorie-laden alternatives to their favorite foods and beverages. Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 3.5Creativity: 3.5Overall: 10.5Calories: 100Sugar: <1gABV: 5%, It isn’t one of White Claw’s original flagship flavors, but it sticks to what the brand does best: fruity, simple, boozy hard seltzer. In its Texas outposts, BWW serves 12-ounce pours of … NYC man who breached US Capitol seen for first time since siege, Former Kanye bodyguard calls TikTok star’s hotel claim ‘false’, Harry Styles sparked Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis split: Insiders, ‘Jeopardy!’ fans have nothing but tears for Alex Trebek’s final episode, © 2021 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Russia tried to kill Alexei Navalny with a poisoned Negroni, probe finds, Out-of-work bartenders now serving swanky cocktails in NYC parks, Iowa becomes first state to permanently legalize to-go alcoholic drinks, Bottoms up! 168,603, This story has been shared 154,636 times. ABV: 4.2% Maha, which the website … This gave me major vibes in that department. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. #alonetogether #craftcocktails #craftdistillery #craftdistilled #cannedcocktails #sipawards, A post shared by Southern Tier Distilling Co. (@stdcspirits) on Mar 20, 2020 at 3:03pm PDT, This New York-based distillery, whose brand shares a sister brewery, adds an elevated touch to their cocktail combos, with ingredients such as elderflower and kaffir lime. Spencer Dukoff is the deputy editor of content strategy at Men's Health where leads audience development efforts across all platforms for the magazine. HARD SELTZER COCKTAIL. If not for the appealing flavors, the cans practically jump off the shelf thanks to the brand’s alluring, tropical-inspired packaging. Sales of the beverage have increased by nearly 200% since 2018. Before they undergo a name change, the low-carb, no-sugar libation — a collaboration between Harpoon Brewery and Polar soda brand — launched a new Ginger Lime flavor, mimicking the Moscow Mule in seltzer form. Flavor-wise, Truly is one of the most seltzer-like of all the hard seltzers. It would be better if there was a little more tartness of the yuzu as opposed to the sweetness of the tangerine.Crushability: 3Craveability: 3Creativity: 3Overall: 9Calories: 110Sugar: 6gABV: 4.2%, You get the lime rind on the nose and a boozier bite on the finish.Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 3Creativity: 2Overall: 8.5Calories: 100Sugar: 2gABV: 5%, I wish this was a little less citrusy and more loyal to the original flavors of a Gimlet cocktail. signs bill allowing cocktail delivery, a collaboration between Harpoon Brewery and Polar soda brand, Hula hooper hits record with her hypnotic hiney, Spanx extra 30% off New Year's sale is something to celebrate, Bloomingdale's takes extra 50 percent off clearance items for Winter Break sale, The 21 best jigsaw puzzles for adults in 2021—and where to buy them, Selena Gomez adds new 'Stay Vulnerable' makeup to Rare Beauty line, 11 best joggers for women who want to get comfy in style for 2021, Ivanka 'surprised and hurt' by Karlie Kloss' tweets after Capitol siege. In that same year, White Claw and Truly emerged on the scene, dominating the marketplace, but also opening the door for the proliferation of dozens upon dozens of competitors, from heavyweights like Bud Light Seltzer and Corona Hard Seltzer, to more craft-oriented brewers like Wild Basin and DC Brau, to hard seltzer brands targeting health-conscious consumers like Vizzy and Maha. lime juice; 1/2oz. They also recently launched a 70-calorie line. A Scandinavian spin on the gin and tonic — called a “long drink” — with added flavors of juniper berry and grapefruit, this brand also boasts a star-studded stable of executives, including actor Miles Teller (“Whiplash”), DJ Kygo and PGA Tour golfer Rickie Fowler. The current hard seltzer boom traces its origins back to 2013 when Nick Shields, a manager for a small beer brand, and his business partner, Dave Holmes, created SpikedSeltzer. Add Fresh Fruit. The brand also boasts a partnership with Leave No Trace, a non-profit that advocates for zero-waste manufacturing. It won’t spare you on sugar (28 grams per can), but it doesn’t spare on the booze-factor either at 9% ABV. It’s a polarizing brand, but if you’re a fan of floral cocktails, you’ll dig this seltzer.Crushability: 2.5Craveability: 3.5Creativity: 4Overall: 10Calories: 100Sugar: 0gABV: 5%, On paper, an Old Fashioned-flavored hard seltzer sounds like it should be a disaster. We may earn a commission through links on our site. Choose the appropriate quantity for achieving your desired flavor. With 20 unique flavors and liquor combinations to choose from, this San Diego-based distillery has flooded the canned cocktail market with ready-to-drink Long Island Iced Tea, Bloody Mary, Mojito and many more classic and original combinations. Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 3.5Creativity: 2.5Overall: 9.5Calories: 100Sugar: 2gABV: 5%, What makes the lime “tropical,” you may be asking? Simple Syrup; 1/2oz. Sub It In For A Non-Alcoholic Soda Or Mixer In A Cocktail BON & VIV. Most are gluten-free as well, but check the labels. Founded by two lauded NYC-mixologists, these fine-spun cocktails include a belabored gin and tonic with “proprietary tonic water,” according to the brand, which helps their drink achieve the perfect balance of sweet and tart. But it doesn’t have to be that way thanks to this new line of “hard” kombuchas, turned up to a 6% ABV. Of course, I taste-tested many of my favorites on this list more than once, and when you factor in the mild buzz prompted by such painstaking reporting, which prompted several 30-second walks to the kitchen to make popcorn and 10-minute diversions to find a specific version of “Satellite” by Dave Matthews Band on Spotify, we come to an official clinical total of 10 hours spent drinking (and thinking) about hard seltzer. Two refreshing fruit flavors, 70 calories and 3.7% ABV. Ginger Paste; 1oz. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. The amazing drink slinger & beverage consultant, @pamwiz has created an especially fun cocktail using our Pineapple Hard Seltzer! Give it a go & let us know what you think! While the jokes have gone flat since last summer, the 100-calorie, low-sugar drinks … We believe life should be lived in good taste. Men's Health participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. High Noon drizly.com. Terms of Use Crushability: 4Craveability: 4Creativity: 4Overall: 12Calories: 100Sugar: <1gABV: 5%, tworobbers.comBUY IT HERE We’ve already discussed ginger’s ability to bring down the sweetness without neutralizing the true flavor of the fruit. Sidecar flavor meets seltzer refreshment. In the US the alcohol is usually made by fermenting cane sugar; sometimes malted barley is used. It's crisp & clean like seltzer with 5% alc./vol., only 100 calories and 1g sugar. ), and Creativity (was there something surprising and delightful?). Your California Privacy Rights As bars across the country slowly reopen their doors, new cocktails featuring hard seltzer are appearing with regularity. Here, it’s the earthiness of the acai tempering the more saccharine blueberry.Crushability: 4Craveability: 3.5Creativity: 3Overall: 10.5Calories: 100Sugar: 1gABV: 5%, Smoother and less sweet than White Claw’s version, with a flavor profile hewing closer to Black Forest Cake than hard candy.Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 4Creativity: 3Overall: 10.5Calories: 100Sugar: <1g ABV: 5%, Pairs great with salty french fries. Why Brizzy. One crucial element in crafting a hard-seltzer-esque cocktail is to avoid any overtly saccharine flavors. Privacy Notice Either way, you’ve got a cocktail bar wherever you are! The Tasting: The Fifty Best held a "blind" tasting of hard seltzers with ten members of our spirits judging panel. I really think any liquor would be a great choice to mix in a hard seltzer cocktail, it just depends on your personal taste preferences and flavor combinations. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Inspired by Shakespeare, who is said to have written King Lear when he was under quarantine in the early 17th century, I decided to tackle my own personal King Lear: trying as many hard seltzers as I could in hopes of compiling a definitive power ranking. This story has been shared 170,800 times. DC … Not technically a kombucha, this small-batch brand defies categorization. It’s hard to resist a high-quality tequila, made by women in Jalisco, Mexico, mixed with real lime and grapefruit, and a flashy, ’90s-inspired can — made even more irresistible with no carbs, sugar and just 100 calories. For a while, women, particularly college-aged women, were far more likely to drink the bubbly beverage. If we set aside 5 minutes for each of the 75 individual hard seltzer variations I imbibed, that would bring us to roughly 6 hours and 15 minutes of taste-testing. Thanks for contacting us. Sugar: 0 grams. Who can forget the memes spawned by this frat boy-beloved hard seltzer brand? Yet another women-owned brand, their aim is to provide an “authentic cocktail experience.” And at 12.5% ABV, comparable to a stiff one at the bar, their seltzer-based twists on the Margarita, Salty Dog and Mojito deliver on that promise. Drink slowly and savor (chug at your own peril).Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 3.5Creativity: 2.5Overall: 9.5Calories: 90Sugar: 0gABV: 4.5%. NY Post may be compensated and/or receive an affiliate commission if you buy through our links. We call this cocktail Paloma by the … This is a nicely surprising combo from a beloved craft seltzer brand from Philadelphia.Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 3Creativity: 3Overall: 9.5Calories: 110Sugar: 0gABV: 5.2%, Some of the best hard seltzer flavors come from two different tastes placed in opposition. So, is it too early to pack the cooler for the long weekend ahead? Heavier on cucumber than melon, and I think that’s to the drink’s benefit. Many hard seltzers have about 100 calories per can. Truly Hard Seltzer is a refreshing alternative to beer, wine, & cocktails. (Psst, the brand also has seltzers!). Setting out to try every hard seltzer on the market is a fool’s errand. White Claw. #pineapple #tastingtuesday #seltzer #mixologist #drink #cocktails #drinks … Crushability: 4Craveability: 4.5Creativity: 3.5Overall: 12Calories: 100Sugar: <1g ABV: 5%. It’s not going to win a medal for style points, but it’s expectedly easy to consume.Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 2.5Creativity: 1.5Overall: 7.5Calories: 100Sugar: 1gABV: 5%. Cocktail Variety Pack. Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. It’s relatively mild in the sweetness department, if that's what you're into.Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 3.5Creativity: 2.5Overall: 9.5Calories: 88Sugar: 0gABV: 4.2%. At 8% ABV each, this amped-up seltzer comes in Citrus, Wild Berry and Blood Orange, and is widely available in most stores. To Each Their Own Flavor. This is a nicely surprising combo from a beloved craft seltzer brand from Philadelphia.Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 3Creativity: 3Overall: 9.5Calories: 110Sugar: 0gABV: 5.2%, Day-drinkers, beware: The higher ABV will catch up to you if you’re not careful. The Texas-based beer brand has entered the hard-seltzer rodeo. It’s also a great way to pretend you’re on a tropical vacation . Just a few summers ago, canned alcoholic beverage pioneers started a trend that has since ushered in a new era of portable alternatives to beer — one that promises a world where on-the-go alcoholic refreshment can be low sugar, low calorie, low carb, made with real fruit (well, sometimes) and highly delicious. Calories: 100. Discover a new way to celebrate your finest moments. 1 Arctic Chill Ginger Lime Hard Seltzer. Strict tasting rules were applied. Surprisingly lacking in sweetness from a renowned Virginia cidery, but complex enough to warrant further inspection. While many of the best hard seltzers function most directly as replacements for vodka drinks or light beers, this flavor has more in common with a whiskey ginger or mule. We play it a little fast and loose with this category of fermented sweet teas. Available in Pineapple and Clementine — two brand new, mouth-watering flavors — it has 70 calories, 3.7% alcohol, 0g carbs and is … Jack Daniel’s is toasting two rising beverage trends-- canned cocktails and hard seltzer--with a new line of whiskey-spiked beverages arriving just in time for summer.. This White Claw varietal broke my hard seltzer cherry (sorry, I was contractually obligated to write that) and set me off on a hard seltzer adventure. Ordering take-out or channeling your inner chef, there’s no better way to transform your kitchen table into an exclusive eatery than with a perfect cocktail. Hard seltzer has become more visible of late because men have finally embraced it. Maha organic hard seltzer comes in a three-flavor variety pack. Theirs, which they claim to be crafted in smaller batches than their competitors, is also carb- and sugar-free, and just 90 calories. Each flavor taste like the real deal making these cocktails in a can easy to bring to your favorite … Those who love this flavor love it.Crushability: 1.5Craveability: 1.5Creativity: 3.5Overall: 6.5Calories: 100Sugar: 0gABV: 5%, This Guy Did a Year-Long Pushup Challenge, Dr. Sanjay Gupta's Best Tips for Brain Health, How Taking Up Running Kept Me Sane in 2020, Tanner Buchanan Talks 'Cobra Kai' Season 3, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. While the jokes have gone flat since last summer, the 100-calorie, low-sugar drinks remain a top-selling fizzy refreshment. . In an exclusive interview with Hard Seltzer News, Two Chicks CEO, Linda Dow Cash, spoke about the birth of the brand and their dedication to inclusion and equality. Add cocktail bitters to enhance your hard seltzer's flavor profile. ABV: 4.5% Made with real fruit juice, all-natural ingredients, and… The drinks feature a 3.5% ABV and feature 44 calories or less, which will position them … 3. Fresh and Clean Cucumber Gin Fizz. Introducing White Claw Hard Seltzer 70 6-packs. To help navigate this brave new world, we’ve compiled a non-exhaustive, yet still pretty darn long, list of newcomers and old favorites. 15 Ways To Get Creative With The White Claws Sitting In Your Fridge. The fact that they’re also female-owned adds just a little more sweetness to the mix. 5. Despite the sentimental attachment, this black cherry lands further down the sweetness continuum than some of it’s more mild-mannered competitors.Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 3Creativity: 2Overall: 8.5Calories: 100Sugar: 2gABV: 5%, There’s a trace of Sprite somewhere in there, which will either entice you or repulse you.Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 2.5Creativity: 2Overall: 8Calories: 100Sugar: <1g ABV: 5%, More like a mango dessert than sliced fresh mango.Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 2.5Creativity: 2Overall: 8Calories: 100Sugar: 1gABV: 5%, Less candied than competitors, but still boozy enough to distinguish itself from a non-alcoholic LaCroix.Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 2.5Creativity: 2Overall: 8Calories: 100Sugar: 2gABV: 5%, It’s like that old cliché: Keep it simple, stupid. Asking for a friend. HARD SELTZER COCKTAIL. But it’s a delicious mango-and-peach one (okay, maybe two) and done.Crushability: 4Craveability: 3Creativity: 2.5Overall: 9.5Calories: 133Sugar: 1.9gABV: 6%, A little more sour than your run-of-the-mill black cherry counterparts. The order of service was established beforehand by lottery. 3 DC Brau Full Transparency Passionfruit Orange Guava Hard Seltzer. Make A Wine Spritzer Shutterstock. We make ours with our handcrafted spirits and they’re ready to enjoy over ice or straight from the can. This slightly sweetened line of seltzers is made simply with real fruit and vodka. Only one word comes to mind when sipping this tart, refreshing drink: classic. Trujillo dodges that trap by skipping simple syrup and leaning instead on fresh ingredients such as mint, lavender, rhubarb bitters or even the French aperitif Bonal. Hard seltzer, in particular, "continues to exceed our expectations." Using fermented can suger as its alcohol base, combined with “thousands of pounds” of fruit and trendy ingredients such as turmeric and acai, this flavorful line of hard seltzers is arguably reminiscent of the yeast-based cultured brew — with up to 13% real juice to boot! Bud Light nails its fresh strawberry nose (a quick whiff transports you to a bramble) and eases up just enough on the sweetness to avoid any artificial aftertaste. These cocktails in classic flavors such as Moscow Mule and Paloma are quarantine-ready with their new, gimmicky 14-can pack — a lifeline for those in isolation due to pandemic restrictions. Alongside the original Long Drink and Zero — no carbs, no sugar and 92 calories — varieties, the brand also recently launched a new Cranberry flavor, the “second most popular” long drink flavor in Finland, according to the brand. Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Your California Privacy Rights Two Chicks Cocktails wants to bring the party, and everyone is invited! A refreshing take on a classic whiskey cocktail with blood orange flavor and a hint of smoky oak aroma. Using hard seltzer in place of soda water brings a one-two lemon punch to the classic Tom Collins. I recently did a collaboration with a hard seltzer brand and that was exactly when I was exposed to this world of hard seltzer. Crushability: 4.5Craveability: 4.5Creativity: 3.5Overall: 12.5Calories: 110Sugar: 0gABV: 5%, It’s surprising that strawberry is a bit of an outlier flavor, especially amongst the most popular purveyors. Crushability: 4Craveability: 3Creativity: 2.5Overall: 9.5, I think it’s the tanginess of the mango that does it for me. Made with 100% Arabica beans, the 110-calorie, non-dairy cocktail is also free of sugar and carbs, and the ABV is equivalent to the average can of beer. 2. Probably just branding—but there may be something to a slightly more citrusy aftertaste.Crushability: 4Craveability: 3.5Creativity: 2Overall: 9.5Calories: 90Sugar: 0gABV: 4.5%, A little less malty than some other Henry’s flavors. Crushability: 2Craveability: 2.5Creativity: 3Overall: 7.5, Vizzy pushes its antioxidant vitamin C as a major selling point. Click through to have it delivered to your door in time for your Labor Day weekend festivities. I couldn’t have more than one in a single drinking session.Crushability: 2.5Craveability: 2Creativity: 2.5Overall: 7Calories: 100Sugar: 1gABV: 5%, The acidic tang of the peach doesn’t smoothly lock in with the berry right away, but it’s a rewarding sipper if you persevere past that harsh first impression.Crushability: 2.5Craveability: 2Creativity: 2.5Overall: 7Calories: 110Sugar: 0gABV: 5.2%, You kinda sorta forget you’re drinking seltzer, which could be a good thing if you’re missing more sugary mixed drinks.Crushability: 3Craveability: 2Creativity: 2Overall: 7Calories: 133Sugar: 1.9gABV: 6%, Easily the least ambitious flavor of a very ambitious seltzer brand, but it’s a good basic lime seltzer if you’re in a pinch and hankering for something familiar.Crushability: 3Craveability: 2Creativity: 2Overall: 7Calories: 100Sugar: 0gABV: 5%, High Noon is unabashed in asking vodka-soda lovers to cross the cocktail barricade and give into the hard seltzer wave. Why People Drink Hard Seltzer. Whether it’s brunch, a nightcap or that much needed happy hour, Brizzy is the perfect go-to for a nice kick back. Your Ad Choices Anheuser-Busch noticed the beverage’s popularity and acquired SpikedSeltzer, rebranding it as Bon & Viv in 2016. . Technically a “sparkling tea” (though not technically the classic Long Island Iced Tea cocktail, either) this is the first line of non-beer for the Long Island-based brewery. But where the acidity of those two cocktails might keep you from knocking back more than one, Arctic Chill (formerly known as Arctic Summer) has maintained a balanced flavor profile that allowed for a consistent drinking experience, from the first sip to the 20th (okay, I may have had a few…). You’re either going to love it or you’re going to hate it. Serving 6 and 12 can variety packs in select cities. Easy to knock back thanks to a cleaner-than-clean finish. Truly Hard Seltzer Lime; 1/2oz. And me being me, I decided to use them to make cocktails. Still, it's a worthy alternative if you don't feel like whipping out your shaker.Crushability: 3Craveability: 2.5Creativity: 3Overall: 8.5Calories: 150Sugar: 2gABV: 7%, You never forget your first, right? If you want the strongest than Natty Light hard seltzer has the most alcohol content. A post shared by White Claw Hard Seltzer (@whiteclaw) on May 7, 2020 at 6:59am PDT. Photo via Unsplash, Matthew Sichkaruk Drink Features hard seltzer Share Tweet Submit Pin Cocktail Queries is a Paste series that examines and … Like, now? Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 3Creativity: 2.5Overall: 9, The best hard seltzer for enjoying at a summer BBQ while noshing on burgers, dogs, and potato salad.Crushability: 4Craveability: 3Creativity: 2Overall: 9Calories: 100Sugar: 2.6gABV: 4.5%, You know when you cut up some fresh fruit and veggies and properly infuse a glass of ice-water and then you make that “AH” sound after you swallow? Each of the hard seltzers were poured into fresh … And while we’ve been slugging the fizzy stuff for centuries, only within the last decade did human beings come up with the bright idea to brew carbonated water infused with alcohol. The Lilo hard seltzer range is a new offering from the brand for the UK market that will provide consumers with a low-calorie and low-alcohol option to pick up. We decided to rank the best hard seltzers using three criteria: Crushability (how easy it is to drink? Wish there were more bubbles.Crushability: 2.5Craveability: 2Creativity: 2.5Overall: 7Calories: 100Sugar: 1gABV: 5%, It’s a little too puckery and would benefit from a decrease in tartness.Crushability: 2Craveability: 2Creativity: 2.5Overall: 6.5Calories: 110Sugar: 6gABV: 4.2%, One of the most savory seltzers available, if you’re into that sort of thing. Hard seltzer (or spiked seltzer) is an alcoholic beverage that mixes sparkling water/tonic water, malt liquor, and natural flavorings such as citrus or fresh herbs. Expect bright orange and lemon citrus flavor notes in every sip. The explosion of brands demonstrates hard seltzer’s staying power, with new players getting into to capitalize on a wide variety of market segments. . It’s a double dose of drank with both vodka and whiskey mixed with lemonade, which they suggest can — and should — be used as a mixer. They were one of the first, but certainly not one of the most adventurous, hard seltzer brands to arrive. It’s got a little more alcohol bite than other lime seltzers.Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 2.5Creativity: 1Overall: 7Calories: 100Sugar: 2.6gABV: 4.5%, Sweeter than White Claw, so this may come down to personal preference when it comes to a hard seltzer flavor staple.Crushability: 2.5Craveability: 2.5Creativity: 2Overall: 7Calories: 100Sugar: 1gABV: 5%, Very juicy and full-bodied. You’ll feel like you just spent a day at the spa … Standard kombucha has about 0.5% ABV — not enough to inebriate. White Claw drizly.com. Crushability: 4Craveability: 3.5Creativity: 2.5Overall: 10Calories: 100Sugar: 1gABV: 5%, All the zesty citrus kick of a classic Sidecar without having to have bartending skills (or a nasty hangover the next morning).Crushability: 3Craveability: 3Creativity: 4Overall: 10Calories: 150Sugar: 0gABV: 7%, tworobbers.comBUY IT HEREWe’ve already discussed ginger’s ability to curtail sweetness without neutralizing the true flavor of the fruit. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Crush Your 2021 Goals With Men's Health MVP, 40 Celebrities Reveal Their First-Ever Jobs, 57 Celeb Headshots From Before They Were Famous, 31 Celebrities Who Have Acted With Their Kids, 18 Crazy Facts About the Royals' Eating Habits, DC Brau Full Transparency Passionfruit Orange Guava Hard Seltzer, Two Robbers Watermelon and Cucumber Craft Hard Seltzer, DC Brau Full Transparency Raspberry Limeade Hard Seltzer, Wild Basin Lemon Agave Hibiscus Hard Seltzer, Two Robbers Pineapple with Ginger Craft Hard Seltzer, 10 Barrel Brewing Clean Line Mango Hard Seltzer, Henry's Strawberry Kiwi Hard Sparkling Water, DC Brau Full Transparency Black Cherry Hard Seltzer, Wild Basin Cucumber Peach Boozy Sparkling Water, Two Robbers Peach Berry Craft Hard Seltzer, Natural Light Seltzer Catalina Lime Mixer, Wild Basin Classic Lime Boozy Sparkling Water, Wild Basin Melon Basil Boozy Sparkling Water. NYC man who breached US Capitol is son of prominent Brooklyn judge, DC police release photos of suspects in US Capitol siege, Texas woman flew on private jet to join 'working class' in DC riots, CEO says breaching Capitol was 'single worst' decision of his life, Horrifying video shows Capitol cop getting crushed by Trump supporters. You should only see these where liquor and spirits are sold. Vodka or Gin; Instructions. Add It To Your Aperol Spritz Goskova Tatiana/Shutterstock. As more customers turn away from beer’s bloat, wine’s higher barrier to entry, and liquor’s propensity to deliver a punishing morning-after, they’re finding a lower-calorie beverage for the most part lacking in pretension and focusing on drinkability. Find Brizzy. Hard Seltzer 70. I wouldn’t necessarily fall for that, but there’s something to this combo of two extremely popular hard seltzer flavors for something that tastes distinct from many of the other drinks I tried.Crushability: 2Craveability: 2.5Creativity: 3Overall: 7.5Calories: 100Sugar: 1gABV: 5%, I, personally, would rather just throw a couple frozen strawberries and a spritz of soda in a glass of rosé. It was definitely a stiff drink (and I don't really enjoy the taste of Bourbon) so next time I would add a little cherry juice in addition to the cherry spiked seltzer. This story has been shared 170,800 times. tequila spritzer. lemon juice; 1 lime wedge; Optional: add 1oz. If the health benefits aren’t convincing enough, they’ve also pledged to donate 3% of yearly profits to environmental causes. Gives off a more jellied cherry nose. Who can forget the memes spawned by this frat boy-beloved hard seltzer brand? Made with real vodka combined with five likable flavors — Watermelon, Black Cherry, Lime, Grapefruit and Cucumber Mint — these low ABV (5%) cocktails contain just 99 calories, and no carbs, sugar or sodium. 4. And a newcomer to their offerings — a hard lemonade — is similarly low in carbs and calories. Indeed founded by two “chicks,” these low-ABV (5%) sparkling sippers are made to mimic classic cocktails with a botanical twist, such as their whiskey, ginger and orange-infused “New” Fashioned; or their gin, cucumber and apple Gimlet flavor; and their lemon-lime Citrus Margarita.